4th Floor Artists, inc.
A community of local artists in Rockland, MA

Studio Locations and Rental Information

Sandpaper Factory, 83 E. Water Street, Rockland, MA 02379

ET Wright Building, 379 Liberty Street, Rockland, MA 02370

379 Liberty Street,
Rockland, MA 0237

Studio rental information:
Jeanne Morton, 617-827-9242

83 East Water Street
Rockland, MA 0237

Studio rental information:
Alan Curtis, 617-872-5711



The 4th floor artists are located between two historic buildings in Rockland Massachusetts. The Sandpaper factory and the E.T Wright Building. Both buildings were once used as manufacturing facilities. The converted factories feature many large and small studios and offer a great place to make art. If you are interested in leasing a creative space in  either the ET Wright building or the Sandpaper factory please call the numbers listed under "studio rental". Each space is run by two separate entities. 

If you have questions in regards to the leasing a studio space you may also email the 4th Floor Artists group by filling out the contact form below.