4th Floor Artists, inc.
A community of local artists in Rockland, MA





2019//Radio//95.9FM WATD

Radio spot on 95.9FM WATD by 4th Floor Artist Deb Ogden advertising our Spring 2019 Open Studios.


2016//Press//The Patriot Ledger

4th Floor Artists in Rockland is a true ‘art colony’

ROCKLAND — The outside of the E.T. Wright building in Rockland is pretty bland. It has a faded white coat of paint and a square shape. On the inside, though, the 4th Floor Artists group has transformed each room into a personal art studio, equipped with the lighting for a realist painter or the space for an industrial quilter.
4th Floor Artists is a nonprofit art collective. It was established in 1992 to create a supportive community for South Shore artists. Nearly 80 people belong to the group, and each finds his or her own meaning in being a 4th Floor Artist. (continued…)