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5th Annual Fiber Show

Drop Off:  Friday, July 19, 12–7PM; Saturday, July 20, 11AM–2PM

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, August 1, 6PM–9PM. Cash awards and ribbons!

Pick up:  Thursday, September 14, 8:30–10AM; Friday, September 13, 10AM–2PM

Eligibility:  Original two- or three-dimensional traditional and contemporary work

featuring natural and/or synthetic fibers.

Entry Fee:  $10 per entry and three for $25. Fees are payable to the 4th Floor Artists, Inc. and are non-refundable

Specs:  All work must be ready to hang. Work to be hung must be wired on the back.  No saw-tooth hangers. Clean glass and mats where applicable.  Clips will be provided to hang quilts or you may bring a quilt stand.  Please provide a pedestal or other specific staging for three-dimensional work.

Commission:  Gallery 4 will retain 20% commission on all work sold. Entries cannot be removed before the end of the show and pricing cannot be changed after registration.

Liability:  All possible care will be taken; however, the 4th Floor Artists, Inc. will not be held responsible for loss or damage to any work.